Spring Green Smoothie

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A very moreish smoothie, with such wholesome (and green) ingredients!

Sometimes I just feel like a really creamy, delicious smoothie. And it can be hard to create such delight using wholesome ingredients... But I think I found the magic combination!


1 cup coconut milk/cream (you can also use normal milk or half coconut and half normal)
3 ice cream scoops (be generous) of homemade banana ice cream (see below)
1-2 tablespoons of avocado
1 tablespoon of all natural yoghurt with no added sugar or nasties
1 handful of baby spinach leaves


Place all ingredients into a blender. Blend, until smooth! Serve and drink immediately.

Banana Ice Cream

Blend together ripe bananas, coconut milk/cream, dates, maple syrup or rice malt syrup and cinnamon. freeze!

Tip: Add a tablespoon of LSA or almond meal for extra texture and nutty goodness (won't be as creamy though).

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Heidi Lakin

Heidi Lakin is a new mum to the beautiful Emera (born June 2012) and wife to best friend, Chad Lakin. Her story is not uncommon, having struggled for over 10 years with self-image issues that developed into eating disorders, depression, obsessive compulsive behaviour and anxiety. Her success in overcoming such perplexing battles is less common, which is why she founded Blussh - an online initiative that focuses on equipping women to find their sense of worth and committing to a life of freedom. Heidi has a vision to help women through such issues, but more importantly to help prevent poor body-image, self-doubt and everything that follows, in our young girls.