It's Not Personal

Wow! What a revelation those words can bring. Have you ever been in a relationship or friendship with someone, who's behaviour triggers all sorts of uncomfortable emotions and reactions in you? You seem to take offence at everything they do and can't figure out how to let go... Its called, taking it personally!

The deal is, everyone's behaviour is actually their own responsibility. Period. The way someone handles themselves in any human interaction, is entirely their choice and their burden. The lines blur when we start taking on the management of other people's behaviour, thinking we we are the direct reason or cause for it. OR we don't take responsibility for our own actions, passing the blame every time we react or behave badly. This then means we supposedly control how others behave while having no control over our own behaviour... Which is twisted, and simply not true.

There is great freedom and power found in owning our own actions, and understanding that we don't actually control how other people act. This enables us to NOT take it personally, but also to be present when interacting with people, rather than in some sort of flamboyantly unstable realm of blame and misused emotional habits. It gives us the power to say "sorry" when we make mistakes. But most importantly, it gives us the room to stop and listen. Putting aside the desire to make it all about self actually allows for a more genuine and mature relationship.

It is all about the internal process. Before you react to someone else's conduct, check yourself and remember you control your next move, so make it a good one. Don't react to how someone treated you -that is a shallow and selfish way to be. React according to your own standards, your own understanding of your character and what defines you. Because actions will speak louder than words.

Be the inspiration today!
Love Heids Xx