Let Go // & Believe

 Credit:  Bek Grace

Credit: Bek Grace

The beauty that can live in our minds can only be ignited when we let go of the thoughts that once used to hold us captive.

Insecurities and past disappointments can produce a negative response to our world and those closest to us. I have discovered after looking back at my own journey, that many of these thoughts had held me prisoner from becoming what I was supposed to be. Music had been my escape from a very young age and I would find the world of music intriguing and free. My academics on the other hand were something to be embarrassed about.

Moving to a new country with a new language was one of the hardest things I had to experience. My schooling years were times of frustration, competitiveness and sometimes sorrow. I hated taking exams unless I was able to perform them live on stage. I hated writing essays, maths was off the planet and science I had no interest in. Well, I was on the road to destruction as my teachers were flagging concerns and telling me, “you just can’t write.” I remember that day clearly; the day I gave up and said that is it! I am not concentrating anymore, I am diving into acting and music and I will achieve something creative. Unfortunately the negative treatment I had from my teachers followed me throughout my years until I hit a wall in my early 30’s.

My insecurities leapt out at me all at once after I had my two boys. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought what made me stop learning and reaching my academic potential? All I could hear was “You are not smart enough.” This kept going around my head for months and months... it was like a nightmare. “It's too late, it's too late, you left it too late.” I had to detox this one thought out of my head through a series of exercises every morning and kept a journal on this one single thought.

Two years before this I had enrolled into two degrees of which one I had failed the unit and the other I found difficulty in understanding the terms. I felt devastated. I was not going to enrol ever again! However, the detox on my thoughts saved me! I started to go to the library as I had moved to a new state and started to read every book on the brain and the mind I could find. I wrote down my interests and how I was going to marry music and the mind together. I took the risk and the rest is history. I am now in my second year of a Psychology degree with amazing marks. I have overturned my negative experiences and the insecurity of never achieving my academic dream of studying the mind and creativity through neuroscience and positive psychology.

We all have come to a point in our lives where our past thoughts have reached out towards us and reminded us of what we didn’t do right. But now you have the opportunity to extinguish the lie and believe again that you were created for a great purpose. I chose to let go of past insecurities and negative thoughts and walk into the promise that was already created for me before time.

Love Daniela Taliangis

Daniela is a singer / songwriter / radio presenter, with over 20 years experience in the music industry. She is now achieving her dream of bringing music and the mind together through her own initiative: Hope Dream Change.

Her passion to see people come out of their creative frustration on to a path of destiny and fulfilment is what drives her every move. Hope Dream Change has been created to cater for those who want to see significant change in their journey. With Hope Dream Change, people can start believing in stepping out to dream and hope no matter what the circumstances; they learn how to release themselves from fear, and give it a go.

Daniela also presents segments regularly on David Maegraith's Sunday night talk back show with Adelaide's Life FM. Her topics include power of the mind, neuroplasticity, motivation and creativity.

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Daniela Taliangis

Daniela Taliangis is an award winning singer/songwriter with over 20 years music industry experience. Daniela is now bringing music and the mind together creating Hope Dream Change. The brain is the most complex part of the body, but also one of the most malleable parts of the body. The mixture of the two has developed into a passion to help others find their purpose, bringing positive change in their world through creativity and mastering their art. Sometimes without clear direction and support during the time of self- discovery the plans can come to a dead end. Daniela understands the roller coaster ride of a creative person, plus also the extraordinary will power to overcome disappointment. Daniela presents segments regularly on Adelaide's Life FM on Sunday nights David’s Maegraith's Talk back show. Her topics include the power of the mind, neuroplasticity, motivation and creativity. Daniela has a passion to see people come out of their creative frustration into a path of destiny and fulfilment. Hope Dream Change has been created to cater for those who want to see significant change in their journey. Born in Romania, fleeing at the tender age of 5 out of the communist regime, Daniela continued in the dream of becoming a professional musician and to inspire others. With Hope Dream Change people can start believing in stepping out to dream and hope no matter what the circumstances and actually give it a go.