Let Go // & Smell the Roses

 Credit:  Bek Grace

Credit: Bek Grace

Seasons come and go. In the words of Lauryn Hill "After winter, must come spring, change it comes eventually”. Oh how true that is!

Relationships have seasons, careers have seasons, motherhood has seasons… Have you ever seen a snow covered tree? It’s so cold and crisp, no green in sight!  Even when you think it is dead, somehow after such a cold snap, that would seem totally not conducive to growth, out blossoms fresh green leaves and new branches. Oh such is life!!

In a season of pain in our lives, where it takes all the resilience we can muster to get up and fight another day, in that place of hurt and frustration our “resilience” muscle can really start to strengthen.

There truly isn’t any “I’ll be happy when….”. Why? Because, the bit we add at the end of that statement always changes! We always want more and are often never really satisfied, especially when you are someone who has BIG dreams - like I’m sure you do! Once you get there it can often feel like “what’s next, because this isn’t as satisfying as it should be!”.

I’ve decided to wipe the phrase “I’ll be happy when… (add your dream here)” from my vocabulary. I made a decision that I am going to enjoy the moment, every moment. Yes, I have dreams and goals, but I have made a decision to be happy and enjoy the “now”. Patience, gratitude, and contentment are three values I have added to temper that drive. 

I know that there are things I have now that I won’t have in the future. Moments that I need to treasure. I have two small children right now, they keep me on my toes, BUT their little giggles and quirky antics are but a fleeting season. I may never again have to clean up 3 empty containers of talcum powder thrown over the room and be told, “Woody and Jesse did it” (TOY-STORY for those who haven’t seen it). I’ve also had great jobs that have come, been amazing, and finished up (welcome to the seasonal world of TV and acting). Now, I have decided to love the journey and the moments while they are here. Good things come to an end and often even better things are just around the corner. Life can be very fleeting. I am very aware of this as my mother passed away suddenly at the age of 37. She wasn’t expecting that. We don’t know how long we have on this earth, so don’t wait until you have that house, or that dream job, or that baby to be happy. Embrace the now! Look for the beauty in it! It is there. 

Do not let the attainment (or lack thereof) of that dream decide whether or not you can, or will be happy. The choice is yours. Get back into the driver’s seat and take control. Allow laughter, love and life back into your relationships. Take the wheel and take some moments to breathe. 

Remember to smell a rose while you’re at it! Yellow ones are the best.

Love Em Xx

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