Let Go // & Bust a Move

 Credit:  Bek Grace

Credit: Bek Grace

I can almost feel it... That 6 year old me who would make up dance routines & parade them to my class mates, or family or who ever would watch me. I can't remember feeling self conscience, or worried about what others would think of my dance moves, or me! I remember one time putting together a routine with my friends to the spice girls 'wannabe'. I was baby spice, of course (with the pig tails & all). We were legit. 

somewhere between the 6 year old me and the adult me I lost that confidence. Confidence in my dance moves or to put it even better - confidence in who I am. There's so much freedom in confidence but yet for most of us, confidence is our struggle.

Of all the people I photograph, the ones who love the camera the most are children; the adults always seem to turn me away saying "oh I don't like photos of myself"... But those who do have the confidence to stand in front of my lens boldly are the ones who end up looking incredible.

A lack of confidence restrains us. I got so sick of being caught up. caught up in feeling like I had to dress a certain way in order to be one of the 'it' people, or act a certain way to be 'in' (and I know you've been there too)! I even thought I had to photograph a certain way in order to fit into the photography industry - every time you try try try to please the world around you, you strip yourself of freedom. The more I tried to 'fit in', the more I felt caught up and obstructed. It's so freakin' cliche but seriously, I wanted to dance my own dance again... And it takes guts - to bust your own moves. To be YOU. It's a journey, a very real one, but somewhere along the line you start busting a move here and there and you'll be so free in THAT, that you won't notice what people are thinking (and like Em said most of the time our assumptions are wrong anyhow)!

This is what freedom looks like to me, breaking free from the pressure to 'fit in', to be like 'this' or 'that' and instead busting YOUR moves and being comfortable with them, regardless of who may be watching... Who knows they may even join in :)

Love Bek

Bek is a living example of individuality and creativity. Her journey of finding herself has enabled her to do what she loves; her tag line "live what you love" and her photographs speak of this freedom. 

Even if you don't feel free, you can make a declaration today, to commit to freedom and begin the journey towards genuine positive change in your world! We are also giving you the chance to win a photo shoot by this fabulous girl, to celebrate your freedom-life!