Let Go // & Embrace the Unknown

I had this lecturer at uni named Patrick whom I just loved. He was short, grey haired, stocky and so passionate about people. He taught with his whole body, mind and soul. There was something in his very essence that just wanted you to be completely, unashamedly yourself because he made all of us in the room feel worthy, unique and truly heard. He was a legend. I remember something he said once that has stuck in my mind like a life buoy and I pull myself back to it whenever life gets choppy and I feel awash in the waves of my journey.

He said, " Beware of the man who has it all figured out. For he has the furtherest to fall."

He didn't say it like he was reciting a quote. He said it so sternly, so calmly and so insistent, like a severe and crucial, yet also heartbreaking warning. 

I remember in that moment thinking to myself that I never wanted to have all the answers in life, ever. It can be hard being human and naturally wanting to control my own life. Sometimes I find myself getting caught up trying to control things, thinking of the ifs, buts and maybes and before I know it I've done my head in. But no matter what I am hoping or planning, and no matter what comes to cause grief against those hopes and plans, If I stop and settle on not having it all figured out, somehow it always works out.

So for me and my life, I'm not going to promise myself a life like "this" or a life like "that". My commitment to myself and living free will always be to stay open. To lay down again and again, that need to control and the desire to know it all and have all the answers. Because for me, giving that back, gives me freedom to enjoy the ride and be constantly and forever changed by it.

This for me, is an exhilarating freedom that somehow finds me preferring the unknown to the known. Laying down the control of my life and wanting all of the answers has freed me. Now I can be ready for anything... and I am. Day by day, moment by moment, awaiting with anticipation the great challenges, the great joys and the pure unexpected beauty.

Man that is free! And it is stunning.

This is my commitment to freedom and I am grateful to Patrick and his pearl of wisdom and that day in his class where for a moment, time stood still and he spoke right to my soul from his. 

Love Sarah Davies Xx

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