Let Go // & Assume the Best

 Credit:  Bek Grace

Credit: Bek Grace

Have you ever broken down the word ASSUME? To ASSUME makes an ASS out of YOU and ME  -  ASS U ME. ASSUME.  If you haven’t, well you just did.

Assumptions are dangerous. Although this is something I initially learnt whilst running a team in the corporate world, this is something we can all put into good practice in our every day life. Let me tell you a little story.....

“A man was sitting on a seat in a New York subway. The train was full when an elderly woman got on the train, and practice has it that men give up their seats to the aged.  But this man was oblivious, and didn’t move. Clueless to all around him.  People started to clear their throat to get his attention, but nothing. He didn’t acknowledge anyone.

Finally, someone cried out, “For God’s sake man, get off your ass and give your seat to this elderly woman!”

The man, finally, looked up, realised the situation and quickly stood up and gave his seat to the woman, apologising.  The man, now standing, was asked by a fellow passenger, “Would be good to get your head out of your ass every once in a while, you know?”

The man looked at him, apologised again, and said “Yeah, I am very sorry. My wife died late last night while in labor. Guess I am a little out of it…”

Silence. The train went silent, save the rumbling over the tracks. This man, whom they all had just been mocking, cursing, and despising suddenly was now a different man, a sympathetic figure in the eyes of the car’s passengers. The collective opinion changed. Instantly.”

Moral of the story....never assume.

What is taking up the most space in your head right now? What are you thinking about? Is it something that you are assuming? That your boss is annoyed with you, that you didn’t do a great job on that project, that your mum is going to be annoyed that you can’t make it over for dinner, that your boyfriend isn’t wanting to spend enough time with you, that those girls were talking about you as walked past right now? Ok ALL of these things are assumptions. ALL OF THEM, and most assumptions are incorrect.

The big question to ask is: how does thinking like this serve me? If it makes you angry or hurt, then change the assumption. Choose empowering assumptions.

It’s important to choose empowering and uplifting assumptions especially when it comes to people, because most people rise to our expectations! Even if our high assumptions are wrong... They may just rise to it.

So here is your new ‘rule’ for filtering your thoughts through.... Always assume the BEST.

Love Emma Mullings Xx 

Emma Mullings is a stunning person, inside and out. Amongst many achievements, she has her own blog –which no doubt you would love to check out– where you will find positive vibes, inspiration, down-to-earth advice and of course some fun (OK a lot of fun).

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