When Life Gives You... Tomatoes!

 Image by Heids

Image by Heids

It is a rather odd occurrence to be sitting in an apartment right in the smack-bam middle of a city and to hear your overgrown tomato plant rustle slowly in the wind. My last few months have been filled with similar unexpected tales mingled with the soft scent of growing cherry tomatoes.

You see, I’m definitely not a gardener- there’s no green thumbs (or fingers for that matter) on my left or right hands! But as my circumstances whirled around and I forgot to water my little garden bed, I went outside last week to discover that my cherry tomatoes had taken over the back terrace. Apparently they are not in season either, but for some reason they have decided to thrive and flower. Consequently I have about twelve little green tomatoes ripening in a plant I thought I’d have to dig out.

Since I last posted on Blussh I’ve had a few issues with my health and it has been very overwhelming. I have learnt a few lessons (again!) and I have been incredibly grateful to have a fantastic support network around me. But most importantly, it has allowed me time to better understand what my needs are in all the areas of my life. For example, a truth I have always tried to avoid is that I need at least 8-10 hours of sleep to function at my best. And if I neglect this basic need, my body, mind and emotions react (sometimes
they go haywire!).

Most of the people I know around me can function on 6-8 hours of sleep and at times I am insanely jealous of their capability to stay up late (and get up early) and not be affected by sleep cravings. But the reality is that my body needs more sleep, and that’s that. Learning to accept even my own very basic needs can be very challenging: I seem to have manifested a whole collection of unrealistic expectations. You may laugh, but I believed for a while that if I kept staying up late and studying and drinking copious amounts of coffee during the day, it would get me through. Wrong. For me, that leads to burn out territory. If I have more than 2 cups of coffee a day (especially in the afternoon!) I’ll be awake for the night. Where as my boyfriend can have a strong espresso at 9pm and be fast asleep by 9:30pm. ( I still think that is unfair.)

It is only recently that I’ve started to learn about and listen to what I actually need- not what I want. And now I’m finding that I’m better meeting my needs, my wants are better aligned to benefiting me. The thing is, I would like to think that change, growth, personal development etc. all happen instantly. Sometimes there are those “EUREKA” moments where you have a light bulb flash above your head, but most of the time change happens (incredibly) slowly.

I planted my tomato plant in late December last year and I expected flowers/tomatoes within the fortnight. Instead, it wasn’t until one August evening that I thought I’d check on the probably-wilted-tomato-plant to find a huge beast of a tomato plant bush with flowers and small, promising little fruits.

I don’t know what obstacles the tomato plant went through (maybe caterpillars, lack of TLC and drought?) but it certainly reminded me that challenges provide the opportunity for growth.

Love Emily xx