The Importance of Being

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My past week has been particularly challenging and I thought I'd share with you something that keeps pulling me through. So often I get trapped in the mentality of thinking about what needs to be done or what is going on tomorrow or the things I was meant to do yesterday but didn't get a chance to etc... And with this build up of thinking, I forget how important it is to treasure and be thankful for the moment I am in.

It sounds simple- but it is easier said that done. There are always things or stuff flying around that I need to do or wish for or wish I had of done (sometimes I picture them as the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz), but it is amazing when you learn to take a step back and appreciate where you are at right now. I'd like to call this sensation the "importance of being".

Where am I at? Right at this moment I am sitting in my apartment, still in my pajamas on a pillow on my couch so I am high enough to type on my laptop which is on a tall egg-yolk yellow table. It's probably the first time in a while I've taken the moment to have 'me' time and I'm constantly fending off the thoughts of all the things I could be doing. But acknowledging this moment, right now, I am able to enjoy some sort of peace or satisfaction in myself. I am here, typing, enjoying the sensation of the sun peeking in through the blinds dancing on my rug.

When was the last time you took a 'me' moment? Noticing the current moment around you and observing the little details around you can give you a new perspective. Or some fresh head space from all the things that need to be done. Sometimes I focus on my breathing or I may go for a walk. Or write down the little things around me to appreciate being 'in the moment'. 

My challenge has been to keep remembering and practicing the importance of being on a daily basis. Sometimes I feel like I'm recharging my batteries, other times I feel a lot more self aware. But the most important point is that I'm letting 'me' be 'me' right now. And this moment will give me perspective and fresh head space for the next moments in line.

- Em x