Poor Body Image Causes Girls to Quit Sport

 Image Source Unknown

Image Source Unknown

The temptation to quit at anything is often something we face frequently. It is in our nature to feel inadequate at times, and if we aren't careful we let those feelings dictate our limits, leading us to a place of defeat and hopelessness. While we all struggle with the uncertainty, the moment we quit is the moment we bow down to darkness.

s women, we can reason with ourselves and recognise a negative pattern emerging if we look hard enough. But what about the young girls who look up to us? Often their internal dialogue is not yet mature enough to get rational before the lies start to stick! Saturated with negative thoughts, wrapped in a tender body still forming and figuring itself out; these young girls are in no condition to trudge through such thick pressures on their own.

This has been made evident in a recent study put forward by Dove. This study reveals that six in ten Canadian girls aged 10-17 have quit sport and activities they love, because of intrusive body image thoughts.

While these girls are being faced with this heart-breaking dilema, the most recent findings rom the 2013 Dove research suggests that participation in sports and activities can help prevent the very feelings of inadequacy that are causing them to quit, by building self-confidence, friendships and more.

It also found that girls look to their mums and mentors for help in this area, believing they play a powerful role in shaping the health of their body image:

  • 93% of girls say mums/ mentors can help encourage them to take part in current or new activities and interests; and
  • 90% of girls say mums/ mentors can help them feel more comfortable with their body
Women across Canada have more power than they realise to shape a positive future for the girls in their lives.
— Sharon MacLeod Dove V.P. of Marketing

he same is true for women globally! We can make a difference to the young girls in our world during their formative years, by fighting against our own body image woes and rising up to be a voice of influence regarding their health and wellbeing. It can start with a simple conversation! In fact Dove has launched Girls Unstoppable, a campaign dedicated to equip us to empower them; and to help women start the conversation today. Dove has provided some practical tools available to download here.

Will you join me in being a conversation starter?

Love Heids Xx