Why, Hello There!

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Can you believe it's March already? Let alone the fact that it's autumn? Never minding the weather's current unpredictability, I can not believe that we are meant to be getting out our trusty woollen scarves.

In what seems like quite a while ago, I wrote my first post on Blussh with the prelude of introducing myself! So I hope that a late introduction is better than no introduction- unless of course you would prefer me to remain anonymous, and in that case, you should probably finish reading here.

Well, let's get the obvious out of the way: my name is Emily! To avoid sounding like an online dating profile, I will exclude the fact that I do not really like piña colas but love getting caught in the rain (when a spare of clothes is handy!). I am in my early twenties and studying to become a primary school teacher, with an English literature major also in the pipeline. Although most people edge away from me slowly when I mention the literature bit, I promise I do not speak in old English and I do write in coherent modern English (most of the time!).

Writing has always played a significant role in my life as a means of self expression, articulation and sometimes just to capture something on paper. I have always kept notebooks or journals and it is only recently after moving house I have realised how valuable they are to me. I can open a notebook from 2004 and read what I was thinking- the very thoughts and opinions that were buzzing in my head at that time. Although this is exciting, what is even more thrilling is that I can see how far that I have grown from that point. It is almost like I could make a graph charting the highs and lows and plot what has made me 'me'.

Everyone is different, but writing for me has been one of my most effective tools in keeping a healthy mind and positive mindset. So if there is anything that is important to know about me, it is that I believe in the power of pen on paper. Something that I try to do every few months is to track where I am standing (and heading!) in the different areas of my life. And it's sometimes quite surprising when I have exceeded or radically changed in my goals without any conscious recognition. I am a fanatical list maker, but if you are not so list-inclined, I encourage you to check out Kikki-K or find a simple template online that will help scaffold some goals. I like to write headings like 'what's most important to me right now', 'what I believe', 'where I want to be' and 'what I think needs to change'.

When you have all these bits and pieces on paper in front of you, it is very empowering to think that these are all yours. As you start to think about the type of person you want to be, you begin to think about the choices and thought-patterns you are committing to now. What are the differences? And more importantly, are your expectations realistic? I'm all for self improvement and going onwards and upwards, but one of the hardest lessons I have learnt (and I am still learning) is being able to accept and love myself for who I am, right at this moment. And the next hurdle is being okay with where I am at today.

I would love to hear your thoughts about writing, goal setting and tools that have helped you too! And most importantly, an introduction should never be one sided, so please say 'how do you do!' and let me know if there are any other prolific list makers out there. :) x