Introducing Em... Fresh from the Front Line

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Hello! Before I begin writing, I must say from the beginning: I feel honoured that I have the opportunity to be writing here on the Blussh blog! To be completely honest with you (which I suppose is what this blog is all about) I would like to share my initial response to the Blussh project.

When I first found out about what Blussh stood for, my reaction was slightly unexpected... it was a sigh of relief. I keep reimagining the moment in my head, hoping that it was actually a big yell of excitement or a feeling like when you finish a jog and are filled with an endorphin high! But instead, it was a simple sigh.

On reflection, I now realise that is was a release of relief. For too long I had recognised the need and yearned for a place for women, in whatever stage of life, to encounter positive strategies and learn about cultivating positive self-awareness and wellbeing. As a twenty-two year old with a detailed back history of un-positive mindsets, I was relieved to have found someone who had the courage to challenge the unspoken ties and restraints that many women experience on a daily basis.

For a while I had been simply reading Heidis experiences and nodding in agreement, in a way that I can now describe as like patting a friend on the back for a job well done. But this consolation is exactly what I should not be doing.

To fall into an apathetic complacency that someone elseis writing about what matters is a dangerous place to sit. Heidis posts have (and will continue to!) enlighten many women and no doubt kick start a journey in nurturing positive self-management. Although her posts encouraged and stirred an old passion inside of me, this feeling became disempowering: I thought that someone else was handling the situation. And that is exactly what has stopped me in the past from speaking out about the hushed topics- self image, body image, negative thinking and expectations.

I will be honest again: being honest is confronting. However, each of us has our own personal experiences and I am a great believer in that when we encounter, accept and own them; we have a power to unlock firstly ourselves, and then others from these invisible chains. By no means am I suggesting a quick-fix-buy-now-and-get-a-free-set-of-steak-knives kind of mentality, but rather promoting the importance of continual active management and awareness of our thinking.

I am looking forward to sharing some of my experiences with you in the futureand I am ready and raring to join the front line in the Blussh campaign! I encourage you to start thinking, dreaming, drawing, scrapbooking, iPading (whatever medium suits you!) down your own personal experiences. They form apart of who you are, but ultimately you are the writer of your story. It is all about how you shape and use them to empower you!!

From Em xx