Am I Good Enough?

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Have you ever found yourself asking the question... Am I good enough? It used to be not just a question for me, but a belief: I'm definitely not good enough!

Since sharing my journey, I have heard from many other women who all say they have experienced at one point or another in their life, the same kind of negative message. Whether it was posed as a question or a statement, they were faced with it and often walked away carrying its implication or left with a scar.

Negative life messages are not uncommon. We all seem to have one. And if we looked hard enough, we would find a positive life message too... But the former seems to have the loudest voice. Where does this message come from? Who told us we weren't good enough? 

It is easier to deal with the hurt one little lie can cause, when we can blame someone or something. But I don't think that is the answer. It is important to understand where the bleak influence comes from, however I only found healing once I took the power back and made a very important choice:

To ignore the negative voice and seek out the positive, believing what it had to say instead.

You can't make someone love you. You can't change the way someone treats you. But you can be in control of how you respond to the negative things in your world. That is where our power lies.

You may have noticed that Blussh is running a competition this month: #TheBlusshProject Feb [Instagram] Challenge! The reason behind this challenge is to help make the positive voices in our lives louder than the negative ones. The aim is to post positive notes in public bathrooms or change rooms, to change a culture of defaulting to destructive thoughts when we are faced with a mirror. We want to encourage women to shift their thinking, to cultivate endearing, positive, life-giving and empowering thoughts when they see their reflection.

We hope you can come along on the journey, and post some of your own positive notes. I find that when I do this, it reminds me of how important a reassuring thought is in the midst of a doubt-riddled world. And if you are battling with your own damaging life message, you may be surprised to find healing and freedom when you reach out to be a blessing to someone else. 

Love Heids Xx