Fear or Freedom?

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Body image problems can seem mysterious, but I think we tend to overcomplicate it.

Instead of taking responsibility, we like to blame other things, especially the media, which leaves us in no better place or with no further direction towards answers. I agree that the media sells us a lie, however I strongly feel that we shouldn't place blame on things we can't control. Otherwise we become subject to those things, which puts us in a place of fear and gives us an excuse... A reason not to change, not to be better, not to chase freedom.

Here is a concept that will change your world, if you let it:

You are responsible for your thoughts, your wellbeing, your attitudes and your happiness. 

This means that no matter what the media throws at us, we still need to be able to stand firm in our acceptance of ourselves. We can only overcome the monsters out there in the world, if we overcome the ones inside first!

Blaming the media (or anything for that matter) for our lack of self-acceptance only instates its power over us. It is like saying it has greater influence over our perspective than our own ability to choose what we believe. Our power becomes a free-for-all and we end up distracted rather than taking ownership. Blame is a hinderance, a shifting of responsibility. While the media will always be corrupt, and the world will always seem unfair, how we respond to it all is our choice.

But there is more to it. Often when we fault everything around us except ourselves, we are hiding from the real issue... A lifestyle subject to fear:

Accusing the media for all my body image problems is so easy... Taking responsibility is hard work, uncomfortable and requires change! I am fearful of the unknown... Paving my own path is scary.

YES, it is hard work, it is scary and requires living out of your comfort zone. But the freedom on the other side of your fear is worth it! This is what being committed to freedom is all about.

We actually have a choice here, to think differently, to believe something new! We are responsible for that which we allow to influence our world; the things we believe, the things we accept, the perceptions we build our thought-life around are all choices... When we choose poorly, or disregard the ownership we have, it's on us!

There are a couple of things that are crucial to accepting responsibility:

  1. We need to push aside the distractions -stop the blame game- and define what makes us secure despite the pressures of our culture; we should be pioneering a healthy and whole self-image and character no matter what we are up against. 
  2. We need to cultivate a different atmosphere... One of thankfulness. Being grateful completely changes your demeanour in an instant. Meditating on things we can be thankful for, shifts the focus on what we don't have to what we do, and gives great value to our life. Comparison is birthed in fear, but it can't thrive in an environment of freedom.
Comparison is the death of joy
— Mark Twain

Choosing how we respond to the things we can't control, and being thankful for what we have makes us responsible for our wellbeing and happiness; a power we should never give up through fear or blame. It directs our eyes from problems to great opportunities and the great in people around us. Living this way will bring out a genuine and incomparable beauty in life but more so in ourselves!

If you are struggling to chase freedom, think about what your eyes are focussed on. Maybe it is time to change the picture. Stop reading the magazines, stop comparing and shifting the blame, and start taking ownership of your wellbeing!

Love Heids Xx