The Honeymoon Season

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2013 is here and what an entrance it has made! Right? Well to be honest for me, it feels more like a blur rather than a bang. Christmas then New Years, family and holidaying, plus a 6 month old equals a time warp. My baby brain is struggling to keep up with what day it is.

Whilst In the past I have embraced the New Year with an adrenaline manifested in energetic resolutions and determination, my experience this time around was somewhat different. As the clock ticked over to midnight, I simply wanted sleep. I remember thinking to myself, I am getting too old for this.

As depressing as that sounds, in my nonchalant, sleepy state I discovered something interesting... That being focused on making lots of really good resolutions can sometimes lead me to a place of exhaustion before I can barely begin putting my plans into action. After the high, I'll watch my own enthusiasm fade while I find my way back to a mundane reality. I call it the honeymoon season.

I believe the New Year is always reason to celebrate, reflect and do all those feel-good things for a promising year ahead. However, I realised this time that there is a greater purpose beyond the season of planning. It is like the wedding day vs the marriage it stands for. If you place all your efforts in creating one beautiful and amazing event, you will have nothing left for the actual journey that follows, a journey that will ink the pages of your life with something much more real.

The honeymoon season in any situation is always a bitter-sweet one. It creates an environment that all parties involved know can't last. But I have realised that the key is to enjoy the honeymoon with the wisdom and knowledge that reality isn't mundane, but rich and authentic, full of twists and turns I couldn't think up myself if I tried. I need to remember that my everyday is reason to celebrate, be inspired and grab at opportunity.

And so I approached the New Year a little differently... I chose to look at it with eyes of endearment and promise of longevity; a year I could grow old with and be just as happy at the end as I was at the beginning. No more lusting after bigger and better things only to find the chemistry fizzles out after a few weeks. I am creating a chance to exceed my own expectations and make this year full of intention.

For me it is about being true to myself, letting my words be honest, of value and something I stick by. I want my dreams to be visionary yet full of perspective and sustained with action so that 2013 will be a wonderful journey, not just a destination.

Love Heids Xx