Fish Mouth & Horse Face

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Fish mouth and horse face are just a couple of the names that used to smack me in the dial during my school-years. Now before I go on, I want you to know this is not an invitation to my pity party. I am not special, or different because I got teased at school, nor because of my getting over such teenage bothers. I am just hoping you find some inspiration in my choosing to believe something different. Yeah I have a big mouth... It used to be the pain of my existence. Now I see it as one of my most beautiful assets.

Turning your weaknesses into strengths is easier said than done. But it is far from impossible. Think about the one thing you hate most about yourself. Now think about that one thing being your most valued and prized characteristic or feature. Perhaps it is just a matter of perspective? Or maybe it requires a little muscle work? Either way, why wouldn't you want to turn something negative into a positive? 

Again, easier said than done... Which is why I want to encourage you to make the effort. My life is a true testament to how self-hate can be transformed into a genuine love and respect of self. Your life doesn't have to stay stagnant; that rut you are stuck in is actually smaller than it seems, and whatever is pinning you down, stopping you from moving forward is only as strong as you'll let it be.

Imagine that rut being in fact a springboard from which you can leap into something great.

There is a way to overcome your worst nightmare. You simply have to take back the power. Don't let it affect you anymore. It comes down to a choice. Choose to give importance and life to only those things that will benefit you and your wellbeing. If a drab name is staring you in the face, turn the other way and believe something contrary.

I let "fish mouth" stare me down for far too long, not to mention "horse face"... They had a power over me for the greater part of my teenage years, tricking me into believing their lies. The funny thing is, my most awkward feature was just a little ahead of its time. So while I played catchup -growing into my over-size mouth- I came to understand that my mouth, or any other aspect of my appearance, does not determine my worth. Once I finally let go of the torment those names caused, I changed from the inside out. In fact people would tell me I looked different. My change of heart also changed my reality, and so a "curse" became a blessing.

Sometimes all it takes is a different interpretation to see the splendour in something.

Being happy in your own skin actually gives you a beauty that can't be measured, compared or described. It is just you, shining in your true light and no one can take that away from you or dim your glow, unless you let them. What are you giving power to in your life? What once made me feel ashamed now makes me feel more confidant than ever before, and my million-dollar smile outshines those faded and distant memories of a broken self-image.

Those so-called negative details in your life are just misconceived beauties waiting for their chance to blossom into your greatest qualities. Maybe it is time you give them that chance!