Throw Away the Old Ways

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It is that time again... The holiday season, when another year has passed and the motivation to make the new year somewhat different sets in. "My diet will start January", "My exercise routine will begin after Christmas", "I am going to start that [insert project here] next year"... these are the oh so familiar phrases we hear ourselves, friends and family chanting as December rolls by.

It is great to propose expectations for our future. Ambitions keep us moving forward. So why is it so easy to get motivated at the thought of a new year only to find ourselves going back to the same old mistakes?

Perhaps because while it is easy to see the fault in somebody else's behaviour, we find it difficult to see our own. It is probably a daily occurrence, to assess and judge the person sitting next to you... without realising it we often conjure up a mental list of all the things we would like to change in those around us, but how often do we stop to think about our own life? It is too simple to set a goal like loosing weight or getting fit. Trying to only change our appearance won't sustain us. It has to be more.

If we don't want to continue on in the New Year in the same old way, then we have to dig a little deeper. Rather than trying to give up a bad habit, why don't we try to deal with the thing that caused it in the first place?

Reaching for the stars isn't as comfy as reaching for the clouds. Don't let your goals be full of fluff this time round. Stretch yourself, make room for growth, empowerment and those moments where you become real and genuine, vulnerable even and yes uncomfortable at times. 

One of my biggest ambitions for next year is to stop questioning whether or not my husband loves me. Might sound strange, but when I asses my life I am shocked at how often I do this. This is the sort of fine-tuning I need, after years of destructive thought patterns. I am throwing away the old ways. You should join me...

Love Heids Xx

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