Motivation Killers

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If you find it hard to get motivated, maybe something is killing it for you? Having come from a history of obsessive compulsive behaviour and depression, my three main motivation killers are guilt, shame and the desire for perfection.

You may be able to relate... while immobilising us from achieving great things, they grow from seeds of doubt and worthlessness. When it comes to being motivated for anything, if these feelings arise, we have to 1) recognise them 2) uproot them and 3) move forward by planting seeds of confidence, trust and value.

Guilt might find its way into our thinking because we didn't exercise enough last week, or we ate that piece of cake when we told ourselves not to. This can easily turn into shame, but shame also has its own way of finding us.

Shame often sneaks up on us while we are in the company of others. Suddenly realising your life doesn't look as 'together' as the really pretty, fit and talented lady you are comparing yourself to... cue shame. You feel ashamed because you feel like your differences are on display for everyone to judge you by.

Perfectionism usually fuels the doubt and worthlessness that leads to feelings of guilt and shame. We constantly feel the need to change everything about ourselves, then get overwhelmed by the task and give up all together.

The cycle never ends, unless you kill that seed of doubt. Who told you, you're not good enough? Well time to believe a different line. You are more than enough!

When you feel a sense of worth, you are far more likely to make better decisions for your wellbeing and be motivated to stay fit and healthy.

Your wellbeing is reliant on your commitment to freedom! Choose to believe in yourself, choose to pull out those weeds of apprehension. Then watch your life suddenly gravitate towards greatness! Motivation will never be easier.

What kills your motivation?