Why I Don't Believe in Diets

 Image Source Unknown

Image Source Unknown

For most of my teenage years, I was obsessed with food. For a long time it was all about avoiding fat. The time I wasted endlessly reading food labels is beyond sad! But it was my passion, and when it wasn't about low-fat it was about low-carb. A tin of tuna in olive oil or a salad was my go-to meal. I suddenly decided that dairy was something I had to avoid too and all things dairy was placed in the 'I don't like it' category. Made it so much easier to avoid if I believed I didn't enjoy the taste.

My life was etched with dos and don'ts. When I followed these unrealistic rules, only then did I feel in control and valued. 

After many, many years of obsessive behaviour towards food, dieting and exercise, I realised I was sick with an eating disorder. In realising this I started my journey towards recovery.

I became passionate about health, not weight or size. Sounds easy, but it required years of retraining my mind and allowing myself to feel vulnerable, out of control and broken. There aren't enough words to describe the journey - and my road to recovery needs it's own blog. To say the least, I am living proof that this stuff can be beaten and a healthy lifestyle can be enjoyed without all the obsessive behaviour!

This is why I don't believe in diets. Diets are an opportunity to obsess over food. Food is not our enemy nor is it our god. It is simply a necessity of nutrition. What we put into our mouths affects our lifestyle. By all means, you can gain weight if you eat certain food, and vis-a-versa. BUT you can also gain weight from purely just the stress of dieting. So keep calm and cultivate a good relationship with food...

My lifestyle now is simply enjoying good food; choosing healthy and wholesome meals to sustain my health and benefit me and my family; plus staying active to keep my energy levels up and stress levels down.

If you want to know what my lifestyle looks like, then stay tuned! This month I give you an 'up close and personal' look into the choices I make daily for my wellbeing. I am not perfect, but I have battled many fights in order to become the healthy, whole person I am today. Feel free to learn from my mistakes and get some tips on how to set yourself up for health, balance, and wholeness!

Love Heids xx