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As I sit here, fingers lazily searching for inspiration upon the keyboard to write this post, my daughter (5 months old) plays in my lap as an ever present reminder of the important things. Cue life lesson... I think it's near impossible to separate balance, health and priorities.

We have to keep the bigger picture always handy, to glance upon in moments of confusion or chaos, to bring perspective back in place. Stephen R. Covey put it like this:

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.

If we want to maintain a healthy lifestyle in this wild ride called life, than we need to learn to prioritise. This means saying 'yes' to what really matters and 'no' to the things that don't. Someone once told me that priorities are like balls. Some are glass and some rubber. The glass balls are the most precious, important factors in your world - they can't afford to leave your hands. The rubber balls represent everything else... the things you can let go of and pick up again at a later date. The balls that bounce for a while and wait for your hand once again are worth keeping around. The balls that skid off as soon as you let them bounce, were only meant to stay in your life for a season.

I hope this short but sweet post helps bring perspective back into your world (it tends to wander when we need it most). Xx