Coping With Stress

 Photo via Free People

Photo via Free People

A big part of living a healthy lifestyle is finding the ability to cope well with stress. No matter how much exercise you do or how well you eat, it can all be undermined by stress.

I don't know about you, but my body does weird things when I feel stressed. My stomach gets in knots and constipation is sure to follow. I also get tension headaches, a sore jaw from clenching and seized muscles in my neck and shoulders. It doesn't help that I am naturally an anxious person.

You can imagine the effort it took to find a coping mechanism for the stress in my life. This was a crucial part of my journey towards restoration, healing and wholeness from all the self-hate in my world. I can honestly say that without the ability to process and deal with pressure, nerves, worry and even grief, you can't enjoy a whole and healthy life.

Here are my top tips for, not a stress-free life (because that is impossible - we aren't in denial here), but a victorious life - learning how to be your best in stressful circumstances:

  • Understand that peace is not about lack of distress, but rather about the ability to breathe deep and know everything is going to be ok DESPITE your situation
  • Find that peace - if it means going for a walk, exercising or having a cup of tea in a quiet place, do whatever it is that brings a sense of solitude back into your world
  • Try to think about the bigger picture rather than the direct problem you are facing - take comfort in the fact that time heals
  • Take a deep breath and tell yourself you are more than capable
  • In a private space preferably in front of a mirror, place your fists up in the air to strike a victorious/ power pose and hold for 2 minutes, while thinking positive thoughts
  • Let go of the need to control everything in your world - the more you can let go, the more peace you will find
  • Remember that every hardship you face is another opportunity to grow, learn and become a better person
  • Recognise if there is something contributing regularly to the stress in your world and find a way to minimise it

Know this: It is not about avoiding stress, but rather about being equipped to face and overcome it. How you respond to a dilemma will determine the strength of your joy. If you can be gracious with life, take it as it comes while choosing to learn and conquer from the turmoil of life, then you will be truly peaceful and happy!

I would love to hear your own methods of finding peace in life's stressful moments. Please share what works or doesn't work for you. xx