Exercising Your Character

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Wonderful women... bold, strong, beautiful and talented women. I speak to the Queen in you today. If you don't believe you have the rights to such a royal status... I wan't to know who told you that lie?!

We all have a head worthy of a crown. Not to sound cheesy, but it is true. Despite where we have come from, or what journey we are on, we all have it in us to be great. Whether we believe it or not determines whether we live it or not.

Living a healthy lifestyle consists of a few things. We have talked a lot about good food, fitness and positive thoughts so far this month... but one of the most important factors remains.

Perspective. The way you view yourself will actually shift the way the world views you. It doesn't matter what label has been placed on you in the past. What matters is the picture you paint with your thoughts, your beliefs, to form who you are. Your character needs to be fit just as much as your body. Setting a good example for the younger generation by showing them how to live a happy healthy life will not be complete without a lesson in perspective and how that impacts your character!

Discipline and self-control are my new favourite words. Taking ownership of your thoughts; disciplining your thought-life and being in control of what thoughts you choose to entertain or not is crucial to a happy healthy life. You can have the status, the body, the looks, the friends, but you will feel empty and it will all be in vein unless you can be proud of and love the person you are.

At the end of the day, if you focus on being a better person, the rest will follow. To be a better person means to spend time on your character, choose to think well of yourself and take responsibility for your wellbeing. This requires you to love, respect and value yourself. From there you will have the capacity to love, respect and value others. Your beauty will derive from a place of truth and integrity rather than a shallow facade. Once you find yourself in that genuine place, it will be so much easier to work on the rest of you, your physical fitness for example.

Choosing to be gracious when you want to react is a great example of self-control and building your character. Exercising your resistance towards engaging in gossip is a great workout for your disposition. Responding to the king and queen in those around you when they seem to be acting the fool is a rewarding fitness session for the mind. I am currently working on all of the above all the time and it is hard work... but worth the effort.

If you need a tip on becoming aware of your character's fitness level... I have found that how I see others is a really good indication of how I view myself. When I can't see the good in people, then my perspective is probably due for a workout. It is all directly related - perspective is everything! So give yours a workout today.

Can you relate? What are some moments you have had recently where you needed to change your perspective and build your character?