Low-carb Crumbed Chicken

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Flour, bread, wheat and gluten free crumbed chicken! This delicious, healthy alternative to your regular bread-crumbed chicken is a little treasure I stumbled upon while experimenting in the kitchen.

My husband and I have made a choice to live a healthy lifestyle and opt for less carbohydrates in our meals. We don't cut them out completely (we don't believe in no-carb), but we always feel less bloated and weighed down when we limit our intake of complex carbs.

These low-carb chicken strips are now a regular favourite! coated in LSA and a mix of herbs and spices, the result is unbelievable. Even if you're not a Bondi hipster, you will still love these:


Chicken tenderloins  |  you can get them from the supermarket packaged as strips, ready to go
LSA and or almond meal  |  I like to combine the two as almond meal is softer and gives the chicken a wonderful golden colour
A selection of your favourite herbs and spices  |  We like it spicy: chili flakes, chipotle chile pepper, ground coriander seed, turmeric, mixed herbs, plenty of pink Himalayan salt and pepper (experiment until you enjoy the taste of your crumb mixture)


Coat the chicken strips in your LSA mixture. No need to coat in egg, but feel free if you so desire. Shallow fry the crumbed strips in some olive oil. Once the chicken is cooked, place on a plate lined with paper towel.

Serve with a delicious salad and a dollop of whole egg mayonaise for your dipping pleasure.