3 Bad Habits That Hinder Our Health

 Photo Credit: Daniel Faro

Photo Credit: Daniel Faro

#1 Tirelessly watching your weight

Unless you are advised by respectable and trustworthy health professionals to constantly weigh yourself, then throw away the scales. A number should never define you! If you find yourself jumping on the scales and feeling either good or bad as a result, then you are letting a variable dictate your mood. You should love and respect your body regardless of what you weigh. The focus needs to be on health and wellbeing, not size or weight.

That being said, throwing away the scales is not an excuse to become ignorant about your health. Be aware of your body and know what it needs. If you know you need to loose weight because you're not living your best life, then focus on making positive changes. 

#2 Endlessly counting calories

Again, unless you are on a specific diet for serious health reasons, then throw away your mental food calculator.

Get educated on what is good for you and live by principal. Calories or lack there of don't really mean anything to your wellbeing. Eating right is so simple. There is no magic formula or pill that will work to benefit your wellbeing in the long run. It comes down to you making good, educated choices while loving your body.

#3 Constantly talking about all of the above

I am sure we are all guilty of this one. Oh how easy it is to discuss this topic with your girlfriends. You say 'I feel so fat today' and she says 'Oh I felt like that last week!' and then you both waste 30 minutes comparing notes on your perpetual attempts at loosing weight and dieting. Who ever walks away feeling fabulous afterwards?

We are intelligent, beautiful, strong, wonderful women. Why do we find ourselves chatting about such nonsense! There is so much more to life than that.

Firstly, we all experience those 'chubby' days. It usually happens around the same time every month! During this time, give yourself a break. Secondly, I challenge you to talk about things that edify each other, build each other up. Quit berating yourself; you are what you think you are. Focussing on the negative will probably push you farther away from your goals. Keep your eyes lifted high, because that is where you'll be headed.