Keep it Simple

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Living a healthy lifestyle really shouldn't be complicated! It is all about making positive decisions. It does take willpower and discipline. But think of it as saying 'yes' to good food, fitness and constructive thinking rather than 'no' to junk food. 

Willpower is like a muscle, it gets weak if you don't exercise it. I have been confronted with this lately. Chocolate is the one thing I find really hard to say no to. Put a piece of cake or a bag of chips in front of me and I can easily choose not to indulge. Chocolate tells a different tale.

So I have given myself a little challenge - that is, to not eat chocolate today. It is that simple. Give yourself something to do that will exercise your willpower - just today! Then let tomorrow worry about itself.

Another tip is to exercise your willpower while dinning out. Making good choices doesn't have to mean you deprive yourself. Today I went for a walk with my bubba, and we stopped at a cafe for lunch. I ordered the honey seeded mustard chicken and salad sandwich. It was delicious! I always opt for a healthy sandwich or salad when out, while treating myself to a latte. It is about balance. I am not eating out much so it is a great opportunity to eat fresh yummy healthy food prepared for me, while indulging in a little something I normally don't have. 

Making positive choices can be as effortless as ordering the wholemeal instead of the white bread, or getting grilled fish instead of battered. Perhaps drinking water rather than soft drink at lunch would be enough of a positive change in your world. Start out with small steps and watch how it makes a difference.

Don't overwhelm yourself, but take the time to exercise your willpower and put disciplinary boundaries in place to help build a healthier life. And remember, keep it simple!