A Healthly Life, More Than Just Food & Fitness?

 Image Source Unknown

Image Source Unknown

While preparing for this month's theme - Healthy Lifestyle - the one thing I wanted to avoid was putting out a message that living a healthy life simply means focussing on food and fitness. I have discovered there is so much more to it!

When the goal is health and wellbeing, food and fitness only play, let's say a medium-sized role. Balance, thought-life, perspective and character are some of the other important role players. You may not realise but your outlook on life and what you believe are fundamental to your health.

Negative thoughts are destructive to your welfare, just like constantly eating junk food is detrimental to your health. So my goal is to live by principal as apposed to rules focussed on eating and exercise.

Some of my crucial 'healthy life' principals are:

  • To wake up and choose happiness
  • To eat some greens with every meal
  • To do something energising every day (even if it is going for a 20 minute walk)
  • To make good decisions that respect my body every day
  • To think positive thoughts when I look at myself in the mirror
  • To allow myself a treat without feeling guilty

These principals are things I try to live by daily. That is another principal in itself - take each day as it comes, one step at a time. Over-thinking things or trying to achieve everything in the one go is overwhelming and often results in feeling defeated before you can hardly begin. Which is why my number 1 principal is to be gracious not just towards others, but most importantly towards myself. I need to be ok if I don't always meet these expectations.

If you need to make some changes to your lifestyle for the benefit of your health and wellbeing start by making one positive decision at a time. Give your mind a spring-clean and think positive thoughts towards your life, what you want to achieve and the person you are. You can only give as much as you believe you have. If you have a positive outlook, believe in yourself and choose to love life, life really will love you back. Plus you will find it so much easier to achieve your goals.