The Difference Between Character & Identity

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Lately, I have been inspired by the teachings of Lisa Bevere, from Messenger International. She is one of the greatest women's ministers today with an incredible message of empowerment! I was at a conference recently listening to her speak, when I had this revelation...

Your character speaks of who you are in this moment, while your identity speaks of who you are purposed to be.

Evidently there is a huge difference - and recognising this for our lives could help us on so many levels! Firstly, we can be sure that our actions don't always reflect our identity, however they do reflect our character. Secondly, we know that our character is fluid and can evolve, while (arguably) our identity is unwavering.

It is in our identity that we find our purpose - a purpose that is unique to each individual, but has the same theme: we are destined for greatness. Not only were we created with this stamp of destiny, but we were also given the tools to reach it (free will). Free will is the ability to choose; to learn, evolve, change, be stretched, feel emotion and go from strength to strength (perfectly imperfect). If we weren't made faulty, then we wouldn't need anything (and what a boring life we would live). There would be no discovery in the world, no seasonal growth, no lessons learnt, no love given or received - we would be called immortal.

The fact that we aren't immortal means the world is our oyster, we have so much to give and receive. We can experience life as it evolves rather than knowing everything before it happens (a much more exciting ride if you ask me). But in being human, our character can be shady at times. We can make wrong choices, experience things that warp our perception, which can alter our reality. However the hope is that our identity stays true. So when in a life crisis, or faced with a crossroads, we can stop and look at the bigger picture, know who we are and base our decisions on that rather than the gloom of a current situation.

The idea is to believe in who we are and then let our character and actions follow. Even if we don't feel great, or particularly purposed, we must believe it! This will then anchor our lives in hope and truth rather than uncertainty. And when we make mistakes and our character needs work, we can remember that bigger picture, knowing we are valued and worth the effort.