A Soul Wildly Beautiful

 Image by Louis Tyson on Flickr

Image by Louis Tyson on Flickr

I don’t want to be famous or popular or known for anything other than that I was deep and wise and had a soul that was wildly beautiful, full of mercy and light
— Jen Lemen

What is the goal? What are the words that will be written on your tombstone? What legacy do you want to leave behind?

All the fussing about how we look, how we feel, what we have, as we try and approach a sense of beauty, or even the fuss about how our lives look, as we ride the social media roller coaster, where images are painting illusions of our souls... Is it driving us to an empty ending? Where does that path lead?

Genuine and authentic connection is becoming a lost art. Women coming together to be real, to encourage each other towards things that matter, to instil a sense of purpose rather than a sense of jealousy or dismay about our own ventures, does still exist... In exchanges between those that have or are on their way to accepting their own wildly beautiful souls. But why can it be so hard to come by?

The amount of effort we sometimes go to, in order to grasp people's attention with tricks of "pretty" or "best" can seem to outweigh the flicker of light found in the truth. But the TRUTH is we all have wildly beautiful souls. We all have the capacity to be wildly beautiful through the decisions we make and they way we decide to live our lives. But we so often choose to believe differently or chase a false sense of security.

We tend to find more purpose in standing back and assuming things, calculating behaviour and keeping score, rather then diving in and really finding out what it is all about. We tend to look on and judge, without giving someone the chance to defend themselves with a proper conversation or just an investment of time. We tend to pick and choose who we deem acceptable by the weirdest standards (often thanks to how we have been conditioned), rather than just being vulnerable and open. We tend to care more about how we feel in every exchange and situation rather than what we are giving or how we are behaving.

Sometimes it is just about being seen, or heard. Sometimes we just want to belong and the things we do may give us that for a little while. But what about the girl standing next to you? Does she belong? If you wrapped your arms around her she would. Often we are too busy. Too busy trying to make this life our own version of "pretty", "best", "acceptable" or "liked", to notice the girl who needs our acceptance.

What are you chasing? What are you giving? 

I have found that what I chase and what I give are crucial to my happiness. The chase has to be for something real, genuine and true; I have to believe I have a wildly beautiful soul; I have to believe I have something to offer, I have to know that my purpose is more than the judgement I might receive, the assumptions that might be made and the mistakes I WILL make. What I give then comes out of that. It isn't forced, it just flows. That is rewarding beyond any thing that social media, fame, money, endless friends, a partner, a degree or a career can offer.

Chasing the things that are really important rather than the facade, is a daily choice and effort. It requires practice, which builds strength. It requires commitment. It is something greater than my immediate needs. Something that should outweigh the sense of instant gratification and remind me that perseverance, discipline, responsibility and love matter more than any cheap, quick notion of indulgence.

What comes from this is more beautiful than anything I might try to fabricate. Giving of myself from that genuine place doesn't have an ulterior motive. Giving like this means just being at peace with myself and my ability to share my time for others. It is sometimes about going the extra mile to help someone out, or blessing someone I know who is having a hard time. It means listening. It EVEN means accepting someone who I may think doesn't play by my rules; choosing to give someone the benefit of the doubt, because really, my perception of them is all too often being viewed through a filter of my own insecurities and experiences.

Let's be more than the illusion that our social media feeds piece together. Let's believe we have what it takes to leave a legacy of deep wisdom, truth, purpose, mercy and light; a legacy only achievable from that of a wildly beautiful soul.

Be the inspiration!
Love Heids Xx Xx