Tell her she is all together lovely, no matter the dress she wears or if her skin is bare be it normally powdered and pressed. Tell her she is fabulous even in her fierceness, her vulnerability, when the mystery falls like rain to the soil. Tell her she is powerful when her shoulders slump under the pressure, when her back breaks from the burden she carries.

Tell her beauty isn't what she does or does not see in the mirror. No, it is what grows within her, escaping to bless others, only though her weakness, the very cracks that perfect her; the brokenness that forms the substance of her identity, where her strength becomes true and her purpose, clear as daylight.



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Blussh Offline is our new venture: We have started to build a community of women who mentor, share, encourage and love, face-to-face with other women who are willing to start their own freedom journey... especially the younger generation!

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This project is all about a tangible community stretching outside the walls of this website, through events run in our local communities. These events create opportunities for women to invest into, mentor, support, bless, encourage and enrich other women, especially the younger generation, with inspiring experiences and genuine connection.